What Is Vectra 3D Imaging?

breast imaging melbourneMaking the decision to receive plastic surgery isn’t an easy one. Almost all of our patients report conducting large amounts of research on their procedure of choice in order to determine how they want the results to shape their bodies. Although it is easy to go online and view the results of other patients, the images won’t tell you exactly how those same results would look on your body. Implants that create a balanced aesthetic in one patient may look disproportionate on you, for instance. That is why, at MIPS, we do our best to provide our patients with a realistic idea of what plastic surgery can do for them and one of the tools we use to create the most comprehensive experience is Vectra 3D imaging.

A Personalised Consultation

Of course all of the consultations at MIPS are one-on- one and completely personalised for your cosmetic desires. However, with Vectra 3D imaging, consultations become even more specific to a patient’s body type. The VECTRA XT includes six different cameras that photograph the body, breasts and face to create a 360-degree view of how a particular surgery will enhance the breasts. Patients can view the results of their procedure before they even schedule their surgery.

Vector 3D imaging is a great way for the surgeons at MIPS to communicate breast augmentation procedures. It’s one thing for patients to listen to or read about how plastic surgery can improve their appearance but it’s completely different when a patient is able to see for themselves how surgery can enhance their appearance.

How Does it Work?

An initial consultation at MIPS will involve taking 2D and 3D images of the body, where they are then uploaded onto the VECTRA XT device. Your plastic surgeon will be able to manipulate these photographs and create virtual augmentations to the breasts so that you can see almost exactly how the rest of your body will look with new enhancements. You can view as many possibilities as you like until you find the size, shape and implant type that suits you best. You can even compare the images to your current breast size so that you can fully understand the impact plastic surgery will have.

Considering the Right Proportions

Part of being able to view your breast augmentation through Vectra 3D imaging is recognising the current proportions of your body. The plastic surgeons at MIPS are skilled in their ability to provide results that look completely natural and in proportion with the rest of your body’s assets. We uphold the same considerations when using the VECTRA XT and will only produce realistic images. The consultation process is a time for you to learn about the expectations and risks of your surgery and our goal is for you to be as realistic as possible when considering plastic surgery. Vector 3D imaging give you a true-to- life depiction of what breast enhancement can do for you. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation for breast enhancement surgery, please contact Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery on (03) 9508 9508.