What Can Breast Reduction Do for You?

breast reduction patientPlastic surgery procedures are often viewed as elective treatment options, however more often than not, plastic surgery can restore natural function to certain areas of the body and improve quality of life. Breast reduction is one such procedure that has significant health benefits for a woman as well as an added benefit of an enhanced appearance. If you are considering a breast reduction, there are a few things you should know about how the procedure can benefit you.

You’ll become more comfortable

Women who have larger breasts often feel some sort of psychological discomfort due to the amount of unwanted attention their breasts may receive. Oftentimes, they will feel self- conscious wearing bathing suits or tighter clothing because of the way their breasts would look. With reduction surgery, you can improve your confidence in your body and feel more comfortable carrying out your everyday routine.

You’ll have fewer limitations

Having large breasts can making rigorous activities like playing sports or exercising particularly uncomfortable. Some women are very limited in the amount of physical activity they can participate in due to the amount of pain they experience when doing so. A breast reduction can shrink the breasts, giving women more freedom to enjoy the activities they love.

You’ll seem younger

Perky and lifted breasts are often associated with having youth, whereas sagging breasts can be viewed as part of the natural ageing process. Receiving a breast reduction in combination with a breast lift can contour the breasts so that they sit better on the chest wall, which will help your body look younger.

You won’t experience any more strain on your body

Shoulder and back pain are common symptoms of breasts that are too big and disproportionate from the body. It can also make wearing bras a hassle. When left untreated, large breasts can cause permanent damage to the back and shoulders, leading to chronic discomfort. However, a breast reduction can immediately alleviate the pain and pressure placed on other areas of the body.

You’ll have better body proportions

Shopping for clothing is often a trying experience for women with large breasts because of the drastic proportions their bodies may have. To create more natural proportions, a breast reduction can decrease the size of the breasts and make it easier for you to find clothes that fit. Your overall silhouette will also improve and help you feel better wearing more form-fitting apparel.

You’ll look better naked

Large breasts usually have nipples that look stretched out, which can take a toll on how you feel about your body without clothing. Your contentment about your body when you’re clothed is just as important as the way you feel about your body when naked, and a breast reduction can reshape and reposition the nipples so that they look more aesthetically pleasing.

If having larger breasts is causing you physical and emotional discomfort, a breast reduction may be the right procedure for you and you can find out more about the procedure by scheduling a consultation with the surgeons at Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery. For more information, please call us on (03) 9508 9508; we look forward to helping you regain a comfortable quality of life.