The Lowdown On Calf Implants

calf implants patientImplants are an excellent way to add depth and fullness to regions of your body. When you feel as if a particular area is disproportionately small, an implant can add volume and produce a natural appearance.

When you think of implants, your mind may not immediately consider your legs but, in fact, calf implants are a common way to balance the leg muscles and improve the way you look. You may desire added fullness for aesthetic reasons or to correct deformities. Either way, receiving a calf augmentation can help your muscles look more developed.

Performing Calf Augmentation

A calf augmentation at Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery will involve one or two silicone gel implants to enhance the lower legs. Your surgeon can insert implants in one or both calves to balance and add proportion to the rest of the body.

During the procedure, your surgeon will make an incision along the crease on the back of the knee. With access to the underlying tissues, they will place the implants on top of and on the outside of the calf muscle.

As you continue to recover from surgery, your body will naturally produce scar tissue that keeps the implant in place. Your results will be apparent immediately, as your calves will look and feel more muscular.

Your surgeon will make your incision as inconspicuous as possible by creating it within the natural folds of your knee. Although you may experience some scarring after surgery, it will fade as you continue to heal.

You will be able to return to your everyday routine within two to three weeks of receiving surgery; however, you should limit rigorous exercise for about six months. Your surgeon will explain the procedural details of calf augmentation along with recovery instructions to ensure you have a full understanding of the procedure.

Why Receive Calf Implants?

Part of being confident in your body has to do with the proportions you believe to be aesthetically appealing. Due to heredity, medical conditions or exercise, the calves can appear underdeveloped and seem thin in comparison to the thighs. Even if you use weight training to enhance your legs, you may not be seeing the results you desire.

With calf augmentation, your calves will balance the muscle mass in your thighs and look fuller. Your muscles will also look more defined, improving the tone and structure of your legs as a whole. Although calf implants target only your lower legs, many patients find that the rest of their bodies benefit from the surgery as well.

If you feel self-conscious about your legs and wish that you had a more defined look to your calves, then implants may be right for you. Many of the patients who, before surgery, would hide their legs in long pants or dresses are excited to show off their new calves by sporting shorts and skirts. With a consultation at MIPS, you can determine whether calf implants are a beneficial treatment option.

For more information about calf augmentation or to find out whether surgery is the best method of treatment, contact Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery on (03) 9508 9508 today.