There are many methods available to your surgeon to improve the appearance of your face aside from a full face lift or rhinoplasty. Such improvement may involve our skin care specialist. Excessive frowning, or crow’s feet, can be helped with injectable muscle relaxants. Deep wrinkles that develop in the forehead, between the eyes, beside the nose, or around the mouth can be improved by injecting these creases with a substance that will fill them out and raise them so that they are more level with the adjacent skin. These substances can also be used to provide increased volume and definition in lip augmentation.

There are two filler options for soft tissue enhancement. The filler can be a small amount of your own body fat, taken from another area of your body, and may provide a permanent improvement in appearance, depending on how much of your body fat you keep long-term. Other fillers, which are engineered in the laboratory, can be used and are provided in small syringes for injection directly into the area required. However, this provides only a temporary improvement lasting up to 12 months.

Soft tissue enhancement may also be achieved using small implants designed to augment the shape and projection of the chin and cheekbones. These implants are designed in several shapes and sizes to suit all needs. For more information on soft tissue enhancement, contact the Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery today.