The development of microsurgery more than 30 years ago revolutionised the practice of plastic and reconstructive surgery. For the first time, surgeons had the equipment and techniques to successfully re-attach severed body parts such as fingers, as well as to move body tissue into areas that had been destroyed by trauma or cancer. The early successes with these techniques were quite rightly considered extraordinary. However, with the improvement in equipment, as well as in the skill and knowledge of microsurgeons, success with these procedures is now a common event, although still not guaranteed.

The microsurgical procedures performed at the Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery include the transfer of abdominal tissue for breast reconstruction after mastectomy, the transfer of tissue to cover large wounds resulting from major trauma, and the re-attachment of severed body parts such as fingers, thumbs, limbs, and ears. These are complicated and lengthy procedures, requiring expert planning and a proper understanding of what is involved. Your surgeon will discuss at length all the details of your particular operation, including the long-term outcome and the likelihood of success.

All of the surgeons at the Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery have great experience in microsurgery and can provide excellent care to those patients requiring this specialised type of service. To learn more about the microsurgery procedures we offer, contact us today.