How is a Breast Augmentation Different from Other Breast Procedures? Which One is Right for Me?

breast surgery patient

If you are unsatisfied with your breasts, you may be considering a surgical procedure to enhance their appearance. But with all of the varying breast procedures being offered these days, it may be difficult to decide which one is right for you. Between augmentations, lifts, reductions and reconstructions, the surgery you receive ultimately depends on your cosmetic goals and the best way to turn your expectations into a reality is to schedule a consultation with a surgeon at Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery. In the meantime, we’ll help you sort through the different procedures so that you can make an informed decision about which surgery to choose.

Breast augmentation

Breast augmentation might be the procedure you are most familiar with and it is one of the most popular surgeries for women to receive. The procedure uses implants to make the breasts look larger or fuller. Oftentimes, due to pregnancy, weight loss or mastectomy (removal of the breasts), the breasts can lose their shape and begin to sag. Breast augmentation can restore the youthful qualities that your breasts once had.

Breast reduction

A procedure usually viewed as the opposite of breast augmentation, breast reduction aims to reduce the size of the breasts to a more manageable shape. For some women, breasts that are too large can have debilitating health effects such as spinal issues and certain psychological problems. Activities like everyday exercise can become difficult if not impossible and finding clothing that fits properly can be a challenge as well. To help women lead a normal life free from discomfort, a breast reduction can help them regain a good quality of life.

Breast reconstruction

Whether due to mastectomy or trauma, there are unfortunate situations where a women loses her breasts. Losing such a key component to your femininity can create many emotions that may lead some women to undergo reconstructive surgery, whereby a surgeon replaces the natural breast shape after it has been lost. The difference between breast augmentation and reconstruction is that the former enhances intact breasts while reconstruction restores tissues that are no longer present.

Breast lift

Many women are often comfortable with the size of their breasts but wish to improve the shape in order to bring about more youthful qualities. Life events such as pregnancy and weight loss can take a toll on breast shape and a simple lift to the breast tissue can bring back that youthful, pre-baby body. Oftentimes, a breast lift is combined with a breast augmentation to produce the most aesthetically pleasing results.

Choosing the right surgery for your breasts can be a challenge but with the right information, you can make a meaningful decision that will only improve your appearance. If you have questions about the breast procedures provided at MIPS or if you’re interested in finding out whether breast augmentation is right for you, please call our office on (03) 9508 9508 and schedule a consultation.