Facial trauma, which may result from a motor vehicle accident, assault, or a sports injury, can be devastating to an individual. Facial trauma can change your appearance and affect your ability to function. It may include severe cuts, bruises, burns, muscle damage, and fractures. Facial trauma may also affect the way others interact with you or vice versa. At the Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery we can perform surgical procedures to improve your appearance and restore function to your facial muscles, minimizing the long-term impact such accidents can have. Surgery can usually be performed the same day at the Stonnington Day Surgery centre.

Surgery is typically performed under local anesthesia. However, for children in need of surgery or adults with more severe injuries, a general anesthetic and fasting may be required. While surgery typically requires an incision, our surgeons are precise and take care to leave minimal scars, so that any evidence of surgery will be virtually undetectable. To find out how our surgeons can provide effective reconstructive surgery for your facial trauma, contact the Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery today.