Brow Lift Yourself to Happiness

brow lift new south walesAs autumn closes in and the daylight hours start to shorten, it is now that you start to become aware of the damage to your skin from yet another long, hot Australian summer. Your brow is one of the most telling features of your face. Sun damage and perpetual squinting in the sun can be reflected in your brow with a creased or sagging forehead contributing to unwanted premature ageing.

If you are tired of appearing tired due to the condition of the skin on your forehead, then it may be in your interests to contact the team at Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery to enquire about a Brow Lift. A Brow Lift is a safe procedure performed to result in a refreshed brow and younger appearance.

Why is the brow a great age giveaway?

Taking up the upper third of your facial structure, the brow is a prominent facial feature, often neglected in skin revitalising facials and at home skin regimes. The skin across the forehead is tight, thin and stretched naturally, making it a rich target for creasing and sagging. A sagging forehead may also contribute to loose eyelid skin contributing even further to adding years and tiredness on to your appearance. Creases in the brow can also lead people to assume that your personality is one that is unapproachable, cranky, tired and happy for the majority of your day.

If you do suffer from loosened skin around the eyelids, then the two surgeries may be combined. Eyelid Reduction, known as blepharoplasty may be performed in conjunction with the Brow Lift. During your consultation, your surgeon will advise whether this would be the best course of action to achieve your desired results from the top half of your face.

What does brow surgery involve?

To achieve a naturally refreshed appearance the brow frown lines and signs of ageing are reduced by tightening the skin from the hairline to above the eyebrows. The modern cosmetic surgery technique used by the surgeons at Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery provides results with minimal scarring. This surgery takes up to two hours to complete.

A general anaesthetic will be required for the procedure. The surgeon will then remove any excess tissue from beneath the forehead skin to smooth out frown lines and will then tighten the muscles and skin between the eyebrows and the hairline. Any excess skin is also excised resulting in a smooth brow and youthful appearance, once you have recovered.

Small incisions will be required by the surgeons using an endoscopic technique. The small incisions are made just above the hairline where the scarring can be easily disguised. This method also minimises the need for hair loss as is required with other techniques.

You can also discuss with your surgeon whether a suture Brow Lift may be for you.

During your pre surgery consultations, the surgeons will advise you which procedure will achieve the greatest results for your Brow Lift goals. At your consultations, it is important to take the time to review the before and after images from the surgeons portfolios so you are familiar with their style of work and can begin to realistically envisage your result.

What does the recovery from a Brow Lift look like?

A seven to ten-day break from work is advised. The recovery period can include sensations of tightness, numbness and itching in the brow area. Full rest will be required for two days post operatively, and activity should be minimalised for the following week. You can expect that there will also be some bruising and swelling. You will need to be mindful of bending in the first three weeks and also need to consider your wardrobe choices carefully. Items should be able to be pulled loosely over your head not placing any stress or strain on the stitched forehead.

The surgery will leave a scar but by following your wound and scar management regime, you will ensure your scar heals and fades efficiently and healthily.

A smooth younger looking brow.

The successful result will see you looking years younger, friendlier and refreshed. A Brow Lift does not stop the ageing process. The surgery will take away the creases, frown lines and sagging to leave your forehead looking naturally younger with smoother forehead skin. By caring for your skin and forehead with a healthy lifestyle and sun protection, the signs of ageing can be slowed. The brow should remain firmer with less appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Modern surgery techniques mean that it is highly unlikely that you will have to undergo Brow Lift surgery again in the future. This, of course, may change if you don’t look after the area while it heals.

The team at Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery are driven to use their skills, experience and expertise to guide you to reaching your skin and rejuvenation goals. If your frown lines, tired and sagging brow has attracted enough negative comments and you would love a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance and outlook, then a Brow Lift may be the option for you.

For more Brow Lift information or to book a consultation, please visit the Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery at Malvern, fill out the a contact form or call 03 9508 9508.