Breast Lift vs. Breast Implants: How do I know what I need?

The most common misconception amongst women is that in order to raise and restore the shape and size of their breasts, they need to get breast implants. This is 100% inaccurate. There are many different procedures that can obtain the desired result, and when it comes to taking years off your bust and restoring them to a more youthful appearance, you are not limited to one type of procedure. In this situation, you have two great options:

1) A Breast Lift:

If you are happy with the overall size of your breasts though are dissatisfied with the position or shape, a breast lift procedure would be a great option for you. Many women whose breasts have lowered over time due to ageing, weight loss and pregnancy opt for this procedure. The breasts are lifted into a more perky position and contoured into a more youthful shape, redefining the bust and leaving you feeling more comfortable, beautiful and confident.

What happens during surgery?

Once you are admitted into surgery, you will be placed under anaesthesia. An incision is made, the breasts are lifted and reshaped to ensure a more youthful appearance and once complete the areola is repositioned into a more desirable location.

What can I expect during recovery?

Post-surgery swelling is very normal, and once it has subsided you will instantly notice a new sense of confidence. After a few weeks you will witness the permanent results and although there may be scarring present, we will do our best to make the incisions as minimal and discreet as possible. It is important to note that any scarring that occurs during the Breast Lift procedure will ultimately fade over time, making them less and less obvious to the eye.

2. Breast Augmentation (implants):

This procedure is ideal for those who aren’t happy with the size of their breasts. While some women are satisfied with the petite nature of their bust, others find themselves lacking confidence, gaining insecurities and battling with low self esteem. In this case, implants are used to fill out the breasts, and aim to give the most natural appearance in the process. Within this option there are many decisions to make; implant size, incision location, type and shape of the implant and exact placement. All of these variables will be discussed with your surgeon and the correct decision made to ensure that you are given the breasts you have always desired. Our aim is to have you walking out more confident, happy and with no insecurities whatsoever!

What happens during surgery?

Prior to the surgery taking place, all decisions regarding the details of the procedure are determined by yourself and your surgeon. Once placed under anaesthesia, an incision is made, the implants placed in the desired location and you are kept (more often than not) overnight to ensure you are rested post surgery. The entire procedure is completed while you are sleeping and pain medication will be used once you wake to ensure you can recover peacefully.

What can I expect during recovery?

Tenderness and swelling are both very normal during the recovery process and your activities will be limited during the initial week to allow correct and peaceful healing. A few weeks to allow swelling to dissipate is needed to see the long-term results, though you can ease back into activities according to advice from your surgeon.

Both procedures are fantastic and beneficial in their own way. The easiest way to determine which procedure suits you is to identify your current situation as well as what you need and want. If your breasts are in an undesirable position though you are happy with the size, then a Breast Lift is the option for you. However, If you are unhappy with the overall size and shape of your breasts and you consider them to be too small, then a Breast Augmentation is the way to go.

Either way, we are more than happy to sit and discuss your options with you, providing expert advice and assessing your individual situation. Call us today to organise an appointment to find out how we can help achieve your goals, (03) 9508 9508.