How it works

Fullness under the chin (double chin/submental fat) is caused by ageing, genetics and/or weight change. Frustratingly for many, no matter how much dieting or exercise, the fullness in this area does not go away.

The double chin injections contain an acid that is found naturally in the body andhelps break down dietary fat. When injected into the fat in the double chin area, the product permanently destroys the fat cells. Once the fat cells have been destroyed they cannot store fat again, resulting in a more contoured jawline and neck profile.

The fat dissolving product is typically a 30 minute in-clinic treatment session. A local anaesthetic is used prior to treatment so the patient will barely feel the series of small injections into the area under their chin. After treatment, the area will feel firm, swollen and possibly tender in which patients can take panadol and ice to reduce any discomfort.

Who is it suitable for?

The two limiting factors for this treatment are the skin and the amount of fat.

Ideally, this treatment is suitable for those who have moderate to good skin quality, not loose or too wrinkled and mild to moderate submental fat fullness.

This treatment is NOT suitable if you have no submental fullness, loose skin under the chin or you have an active infection of the skin under your chin.

It is also not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding patients.

Adequate assessment at consultation will determine if a patient is suitable for this non surgical treatment.

How many treatments are recommended?

The average patient needs at least 2 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart. However depending on the severity of submental fullness a patient may need up to 4-6 treatments in order to achieve their best results.

Results take up to six weeks to notice the effects usually not until after the second treatment, hence treatment intervals are 4-6 weeks apart.

At Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery, your experienced aesthetic nurse specialist will assess your submental fat/double chin concern to establish if you are appropriate for this
treatment. Then he/she will recommend approximately how many treatments will be required and guide you through the treatments to achieve the best results for you.