How it works:

Thermage is a “non invasive” safe procedure which aids in skin tightening, smoothing, lifting and contouring the skin on the face and body. The perfect alternative to surgery with little to no downtime and for those seeking a natural non surgical result.

As we age our skin becomes lax, weak, thin and eventually overtime our bodies lose the ability to  produce new collagen.

Thermage treatment utilities a technology called Radio frequency  to create deep dermal heating. This tightens loose, stretched collagen fibers and stimulates new healthy collagen production to create a thicker, stronger healthier skin.

The treatment is undertaken by placing a cooled treatment tip onto the surface of the skin; a pulse of radio frequency energy is then delivered which penetrates down to the dermal layer of the skin to heat collagen fibers and subcutaneous tissue.

Some discomfort may be felt with the delivery of heat into the skin, heat is essential to tighten the collagen and stimulate new cell growth. If there is no heat felt the treatment will not be effective.

We can find a comfortable treatment setting to ensure minimal discomfort is felt and desired results are achieved.

Who is it suitable for:

The treatment is suitable for most people, seeking a natural result and do not wish to undertake surgery.

Prior to having Thermage treatment a skin consultation is undertaken with one of our Dermal Therapists who will then determine if you are a suitable candidate and explain the treatment to you in depth to ensure your expectations are met.

How many treatments are needed?

Only one treatment is needed. The results are a gradual process and accumulate over a six month period where the final results are seen.

Results generally last anywhere from 1.5 years – 3 years. This greatly depends on factors such as age, skin condition and lifestyle factors.