The In’s and Out’s of Anti-Ageing Injectables

In a day and age where we have several tools, tricks and professionals to help us fight the battle against ageing, it is easy to become confused. What weapon shall I choose? Surgery? Injectables? Topical treatments? Other non-surgical methods? The good news is that each and every option has their strengths. For those who want to test out something a little stronger than a facial, yet aren’t quite ready for a surgical procedure, let’s explore the power of anti-ageing injectables.

What are anti-ageing injectables?

There are several different anti-ageing injectables that can make a positive impact on your face, neck and hands. The main aim of all injectable treatments is to diminish lines, relax the face and promote a more youthful appearance. Let’s discuss the following options:

Anti-wrinkle Injectables and Dermal Fillers: These anti-ageing injectables aim to smoothen lines and deep wrinkles. Using a variety of different ingredients, natural and synthetic options or a combination, these treatments can also add volume to shallow contours and also plump lips.

Injectable Inhibitors: These injectables can help smoothen lines and wrinkles in both the face and neck by relaxing the muscles that cause such lines. Many people find that habitual expressions cause unsightly, sometimes deep lines that are almost impossible to remedy. Injectable inhibitors can help this, either being used alongside other treatments or by themselves.

Fat Grafting/Fat Transfer: The future is here. This injectable treatment uses small amounts of natural fat taken from your body to plump areas that are lacking in volume. An incredibly natural result that feels and looks subtle and healthy.

What happens to my skin when they are used?

Depending on which treatment is undergone, your skin will react in different ways. As long as your anti- ageing injectable treatment is performed by an experienced professional, the procedure is relatively risk- free. The skin appears fuller, with fewer lines and wrinkles present.

Are the results forever?

The results last anywhere from a few months onwards, though will not last forever. Multiple treatments, however, will extend the life of your new look and continue to have you feeling confident with your youthful complexion.

What kind of cost will I incur?

The treatments vary in price though are all affordable. A fantastic option for those wanting to test out treatments prior or instead of surgical options. For information about pricing, give us a call at our Malvern office on (03) 9508 9508.

What are the benefits of this treatment over a surgical procedure?

Anti-ageing injectables have many pros with little (if any) cons. To summarise, they are a great option for those who would like to make a change without making the change permanent. It gives you the ability to see instant results, and to see whether you like those results, before committing to a permanent facial change. Injectables are a cost-effective road to a youthful complexion and when compared to their surgical counterpart, are more affordable to most. Give us a call today to find out how injectable treatments can make a positive change to your look and life, (03) 9508 9508.