Lolita Letunica BHSc

Dermal Clinican

Lolita is a highly motivated and respected therapist, dedicated to ethical and evidence-based practice.

Lolita graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science Dermal Therapies in 2004 and with a distinguished Dermal Therapist career spanning 14 years, retains a commitment to lifelong learning.

Integrity-driven, warm and empathic, Lolita adopts an individualised approach to patient care and takes pride in delivering therapy yielding positive, incremental changes in patients’ confidence and esteem.

Joining our team in 2015, Lolita has extensive experience using CoolSculpting and Ultraformer for sculpting and skin tightening. She also has expertise in laser skin rejuvenation and resurfacing (including Fraxel Infini and Quadro Pro Yellow) for exemplary, natural looking results