Proactive measures to look after your skin this summer

The lead up to Summer is here. With December just a splash away, we are faced with the same big question as November 2015; How can I be sun smart this Summer? You know that sun protection is available, but you simply forget every time, resulting in binge burning that causes permanent skin damage and potential skin cancers. This year, however, is going to be different. You are going to opt for a proactive approach to your skin, make some changes and enforce a lifestyle that protects, nourishes yet still has fun in the sun.

When you were at school, you heard about the ‘SLIP, SLOP, SLAP’ campaign. Now, in 2016, it has evolved to incorporate a few extra components that SunSmart Australia deems worthy of remembering, and we do too!

SLIP – Slip on a shirt:

No, this doesn’t mean you’ve got to wear clothing 24/7 and never go for a swim in your bikini or budgies. It means that if you are out in the sun all day, give your skin a break and put a loose T-shirt on for a few hours in the peak of the day. After all, an entire day under the sun’s harmful rays can cause more damage than you may think!

SLOP – Slop on some sunscreen:

That’s right, lather it in! Thirty minutes before heading out, and every two hours afterward. In fact, if you go for a swim, chuck some extra on once you are out of the water and dry. There’s no harm in slopping a little extra 30+ (as a minimum) on now and then. Spoiler alert, applying sunscreen won’t affect your skin’s ability to tan! You may find that you tan much faster since your skin is not burning, peeling and starting from scratch too!

SLAP – Slap on a hat:

Your scalp is the one place you tend to avoid when applying sunscreen. This may be due to your forgetful nature, or maybe because you don’t like the feel of sunscreen through your hair. Either way, we forgive you. However, protecting that sensitive skin hiding beneath your locks is vital, so slap on a cap or a wide brim hat and while you’re at it, make it a stylish one!

SEEK – Seek the shade:

Falling in line with ‘slipping it isn’t too wise to spend 100% of your time in the sun. Break up your day on the sand with lunch in the shade, set up a shade tent or an umbrella to give your skin a well-deserved break! Because there’s nothing worse than taking a nap in the direct sun and waking up revitalised and red raw!

SLIDE – Slide on some sunnies:

Last, but definitely not least are the windows to your soul. Harmful UV rays can also affect your eyes, meaning UV rated sunglasses are a must when spending time outdoors over Christmas! Team your ‘slide’ with your ‘slop’ to ensure you don’t get a sunglasses tan and you’ll be good to go!

If you notice any marks or abnormalities on your skin, either visually or slopping on your sunscreen, give the Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery a call on (03) 9508 9508. Our skin specialists can check your skin for harmful abnormalities and put your mind at ease.