How It Works

Natural ageing begins with fine lines around the mouth, cheeks and eyes. You can also take on a sunken look that makes you seem tired and much older than you are. Facial rejuvenation is the best way to treat signs of ageing but it can be difficult to determine which treatment method is right for you.

If you are presenting mild to moderate volume loss around your face, you may benefit from dermal fillers which are minimally invasive injections that fill the creases in your face. Dermal fillers should be distinguished from anti wrinkle injections since they have no effect on muscle performance. Rather than prevent muscle movement, dermal fillers restore volume to the skin and add a degree of plumpness.

Who Is It Suitable For?

Dermal fillers will benefit those who are not looking to undergo surgery but who desire reasonable facial rejuvenation. Because dermal fillers involve only a slight injection throughout the treatment area, you will not experience any downtime or significant discomfort.

You should exhibit a mild to moderate degree of facial ageing which has presented itself in regions around the mouth and cheeks. You should also be comfortable with undergoing re-treatment every few months to maintain your results.

Dermal fillers will produce a subtle effect that looks completely natural. No one will be aware of the treatment you have had due to the modest results that the injections will create. For patients who do not want to appear as if they have had work done, injectable treatment will be the right solution.

If you desire an enhancement that is more permanent than what dermal fillers can provide, then surgery may be a preferred option. When consulting with your physician at Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery, you can discuss your goals for treatment and choose the procedure that works best.

How Many Treatments Are Recommended?

Treatment with dermal fillers is ongoing, depending on the enhancement you’re looking for. Because the injections are temporary, you are free to decide whether you want to continue receiving treatment. Each dermal filler varies in longevity. Some last for six months while others can remain on your skin for over a year. Eventually, however, your body will metabolise the injection and the results of the filler will begin to fade.

At first, you may come in for a treatment session every couple of weeks to achieve the result you want. Once the filler sets in, you will have to come in only to retain the effects of the filler. If your physician deems it necessary, you may benefit from treatment with both anti wrinkle injections and fillers. Together, each injection can target lines that form as a result of muscle contraction and volume loss.

If you would like more information about the dermal fillers available or to find out whether injectable treatment is right for you, contact Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery on (03) 9508 9508 and schedule a consultation. Together, you and your physician can discuss your cosmetic concerns and determine a treatment regimen based on the degree of facial ageing you exhibit.

dermal fillers before and after