How it works:

CoolSculpting is an ideal treatment for those who are concerned with stubborn fat bulges that have not responded to diet and exercise, it is non invasive with minimal downtime.

CoolSculpting uses a unique technology called cryolypolysis that essentially means “controlled cooling  to freeze fat cells”, which in turn leads to cell death. An applicator is applied to the localized area and the bulge is drawn between cooling panels via a vacuum suction, there initially is some pressure felt which subsides once the area becomes numb, the treatment takes one hour per area.

The body then rids the waste via the lymphatic system which is a natural process,  gradually over  the course of three months then the final results are seen.

Adipose cells or “fat cells” are a cell that do not reproduce new ones, so once the cells are removed from the body you will permanently have less fat cells in this area.

Who is it suitable for:

Coolsculpting is recommended for anyone who is in a relatively healthy weight range,  however can not seem to shift stubborn areas of fat through diet and exercise.

It is important to remember that coolsculpting is not recommended as a weight loss treatment. Even after desired results are achieved and documented via photographs and tape measurements, we would not expect a change to be seen on the scales.

However, what you can expect after undertaking a coolsculpting treatment is to feel more comfortable and confident in your clothing and a more sculpted body appearance achieved.

How many treatments are recommended:

Generally one to two treatments per area are recommended for best results. Your Dermal Therapist will undertake a full body assessment in your initial consultation to address your specific areas of concern, will then recommend how many treatments will be required and devise a treatment plan to achieve best results.

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