Our clients at the Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery can find that visualising the possible look of their breasts after breast augmentation can be difficult. No matter how you’ve gone about your research to see which type of breast implants, the style and size you might like for yourself, nothing beats seeing the options on your own body. Through the use of a revolutionary new 3D imaging tool called VECTRA XT, breast augmentation consultations are much more interactive and easy to plan as the 3D imaging works with physician suggestions and our client’s vision.

VECTRA XT offers 3D imaging of the body, breast and face using six various cameras to provide a 360-degree photo experience that can craft a virtual example of what the client wishes to see in their future breast augmentation. VECTRA XT offers 3D imaging of every angle so each client can see the size, shape and positioning of the breasts based on every modification and additional procedure they’re considering at the time of consultation.

During Consultation

During a scheduled consultation with MIPS, clients can see a full set of 2D and 3D photos to compare all aspects of breast augmentation taken by our VECTRA XT photographer. These custom 3D and 2D photos are uploaded and saved to each client profile before meeting with their surgeon. Under the direction and artistic recommendation of their skilled plastic surgeon, clients can fully visualise, through virtual manipulation, all the possibilities of their breast augmentation procedure in comparison to their current breast shape, size and position.

During this initial consultation, your physician will offer you a set of options based on the type of implant you should expect to use, various shapes and textures. In addition to the type of implants, your physician will take a complete set of biological measurements to make sure the proportions of the body are carefully considered.

At MIPS we make sure that our clients receive only natural results that never look overdone; we take into account the current measurements of the body compared to the current shape of the breasts and craft an optimal style plan to accentuate all your best features. Based on the conversation between you and your surgeon, they will create a likely post-operative virtual 3D representation of what you should expect from your breast augmentation procedure using the VECTRA XT.

VECTRA XT Imaging Capabilities

Now it’s time for your surgeon to make magic with the VECTRA XT 3D imaging software. Expert simulation tools embedded in VECTRA’s software allow the surgeon the ability to manipulate the size, shape and positioning of the breasts to achieve your desired result. Based on the brand, texture, shape, size and body proportions, your surgeon can create a true-to-life simulation of the particular implants that would be used during the breast augmentation procedure. There’s no need to try on these implants with VECTRA’s precise virtual model of implant type.

After the creation of your custom-tailored 3D simulation of your desired breast augmentation, your physician will allow you to compare your before and after photos. Comparing images side by side offers patients added insight into their tools for decision making more so than examples of other clients’ before and after photos. No matter which angle you would like to see, these 3D simulated images can show you precise views so that you can request modifications until you are happy with your predicted results. These photos can be placed side by side or superimposed on one another for a variety of comparisons. Once you and you’ve decided on the look you prefer, style and type of implant, your surgeon can create a detailed surgical plan to move forward with your procedure.

The interactive simulation of your breast augmentation is meant to offer you an idea of a potential outcome, but isn’t an actual result and is ultimately a reference tool for the surgeon. If you are interested in finding out more about our breast augmentation procedure with 3D VECTRA XT simulation, please call MIPS on 03.9508.9508 to schedule your consultation.