It’s important to feel feminine and beautiful. Our procedures aim to provide the breast size and shape that allows you to be your most confident self and live without the restrictions which may have been negatively impacting your self-esteem and body image. Whether you are choosing a breast reduction, breast augmentation, breast lift or reconstruction, we understand your personal needs as a woman and offer reliable procedures performed by our specialist plastic surgeons to create or restore the shape you desire. We will always provide as much information as possible so that you feel comfortable and informed about your decision.

Women today have many options to address the issues or concerns they feel they have with their breasts, whether they wish to alter their size or shape or better align their breasts with their overall physique. The Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery offers several procedures to help women look great and feel good again about one of the most feminine areas of their bodies and one of the most noticeable aspects of their physical appearance.

Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation procedure will help you achieve more fullness and improved breast volume, whether volume has been lost due to ageing, your breasts having changed due to the natural process of childbirth, rapid weight loss or weight gain or chronic lack of breast volume. For their many advantages including safety and longevity, breasts augmentations have become one of the most frequently performed cosmetic procedures for women.

A breast augmentation procedure involves placing a saline or silicone implant in the breast tissue, usually behind the muscle wall. Whichever implant style you choose, you have many options to personalise the look of your breasts, including implant size, placement, shape, feel and location of your incision. Implants of either variety can often last up to ten years or more before you need to consider a revision.

Also, implant safety has advanced significantly over the last three decades. Rupture rates remain very low, and incidents of capsular contracture — the formation of firm scar tissue around the implant — also remain low. Implants’ longevity, safety and great results make a breast augmentation procedure a serious consideration for any woman with concerns about the appearance of her breasts.

Breast Reduction

For some women, their breast size may exceed their tastes or create health problems. In these instances, a breast reduction (also known as a “reduction mammoplasty”) procedure can usually solve these problems with long-lasting results. During a breast reduction procedure, breast tissue is removed to create a more balanced and proportioned physique and to eliminate the physical side effects that having very large breasts can cause.

Having very large breasts can cause many women both physical and emotional harm. You may feel embarrassed by the large size of your breasts, limited from certain activities, such as exercise, and frustrated by your inability to find well-fitting clothes. Lower back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and poor posture can also result from the difficulty of carrying very large breasts, and these side effects can lead to further long-term health problems.

In a typical breast reduction, your surgeon will make a carefully planned incision around each areola to preserve its blood supply and nerve endings once relocated. An additional incision underneath the breast will allow your surgeon to excise a precisely predetermined amount of breast tissue safely. Once your remaining breast tissue is brought up to close the incision, you will have a well proportioned and healthier-sized breast.

Breast reduction is a well understood and safe procedure but not without its risks which, although rare, can include decreased nipple sensitivity, scarring and short or long-term hardening of some breast tissue. Most patients, however, do not experience these issues and enjoy healthier and more attractive breasts post-procedure without complications.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction aims to restore one or both of your breasts after a mastectomy due to cancer or trauma to the breast area. The procedure will return lost volume and shape to your breasts, but more importantly, it can help restore lost confidence, appearance satisfaction and relationship intimacy. Breast reconstruction procedures can take many forms. In some instances, breast reconstruction can begin at the time of the mastectomy, by insertion of a tissue expander into the breast pocket.

Whenever it is introduced, the tissue expander will help to create more skin in the breast area which your surgeon will need to complete the reconstruction. Your cosmetic surgeon will slowly add fluid to the expander over time until enough tissue is present to support an implant which you will select in consultation with your surgeon. Many patients who have breast reconstruction in only one breast may still need a breast augmentation or reduction in their other breast to achieve an aesthetically well-balanced look.

Breast Lift

You may suffer from dissatisfaction with the position of your breasts on your torso or their shape and not with the size of your breasts. Your drooping or sagging breasts may result from the natural processes of ageing or childbirth, excessive weight gain or weight loss or your genetic disposition. Drooping breasts are the result of stretched and elongated ligaments within the breast tissue. Whatever the cause of the elongated ligaments, a breast lift procedure can reshape and resituate your breasts, without altering their size, to improve their appearance, your upper-body contours and your overall physique.

In most cases, a breast lift procedure can restore your breasts to their original size and shape before the drooping began to occur. A breast lift procedure, like a breast augmentation procedure, will preserve the blood supply and nerve endings in the areolae to ensure their health and function after repositioning. Careful incisions will allow your doctor to excise sufficient breast tissue to reposition your areolae and tighten the remaining breast tissue to eliminate the drooping. After recovery, you can enjoy a more youthful, balanced and elevated bosom. Breast lift risks closely resemble those of other breast procedures.

3d Vectra XT Imaging

3D Vectra XT imaging offers an exciting new way to get the best results from any breast procedure. Using Vectra XT, your specialist plastic surgeon can model the changes you can expect from your breast modification procedure, ensuring that you can optimise the results of your procedure beforehand and ensure you get the results you expect from surgery.

The Vectra XT system uses six cameras to create a virtual, 360-degree simulation of your face, torso and body. This will allow your doctor to show you the expected results of your procedure and allow you to manipulate your various options onscreen until you are satisfied with the final look — and you see potential changes from every angle. You can also compare your own before and after photos to get the best sense of how your procedure will specifically benefit you.

Seeing the likely shape, size and position of your breasts post-procedure, you and your surgeon can optimise decisions around your surgery, eliminate guesswork and match your expectations to your outcome. Use of the Vectra 3D Imaging system does not guarantee a specific outcome, but it brings you much closer to an understanding of what your final look will be than a visually unassisted consultation.

YourBreast Package

Your decision to have a cosmetic breast procedure comes with many decisions, from the decision to have the surgery in the first instance, to the many options you will have to choose after you’ve elected surgery. To make your journey towards healthier and more attractive breasts easier, the Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery has created the YourBreast Package which bundles the many costs around a straightforward breast augmentation surgery into a simple, single fee. As you select your procedure and options, you won’t have to worry about the effects that different choices will have on your final cost.

The YourBreast Package includes your plastic surgeon fees, round implants, specialist anaesthetist fees, hospital facility use, post-operative care costs and a lifetime aftercare program that offers all patients follow up appointments with their surgeon for life. Although the fee is all-inclusive, you will still receive the benefit of a full, personalised consultation by one of the Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery’s specialist plastic surgeons. A few, specific complications may change your base cost, but most patients’ needs will qualify for the base rate with no additional surcharges. The total cost of your breast enhancement procedure under the YourBreast package is $6,950.

Whatever your breast concerns, a cosmetic procedure can give you the look you deserve Your breasts convey a wealth of information about you. They can help you express your inner confidence and sexual appeal and even how you view life. Like all aspects of your appearance, you want your breasts to look their best and convey the real you. When they don’t, you may feel uncomfortable or depressed, or you may even suffer from problems with intimacy. Whether the look of your breasts dissatisfies you because of ageing, weight changes or physical trauma, a cosmetic procedure can help correct this vital area of your body so that it once again satisfies you.

Maybe the right procedure for you is obvious, but if it is not, schedule an in-person consultation with one of the specialist plastic surgeons at the Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery. Our qualified surgeons can help you select the right procedure and the right options to help you look your best for years to come. You don’t have to live with breasts that don’t live up to your expectations. Call the Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery today on (03) 9508 9508 to take the next step towards looking fabulous.

Our services in Melbourne include:

  • Breast Augmentation – a procedure which involves placing an implant behind the breast tissue, or under the muscle on the chest wall.
  • Breast Reduction – a procedure which aims to reduce breast size and create a more ideal breast shape.
  • Breast Reconstruction – a procedure which aims to restore or replace the natural breast shape after removal of the breast (mastectomy) or from trauma.
  • Breast Lift – a procedure which aims to improve the shape of the breast without altering the size.
  • Vectra 3D Imaging – offers 3D imaging of every angle so each client can see the size, shape and positioning of the breasts based on every modification and additional procedure they’re considering at the time of consultation.
  • YourBreast Package – Breast augmentaitons starting at $6,950. Includes plastic surgeon fees, round implants, specialist anesthetist fees, hospital and post-operative care costs.