Benefits of CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting melbourne

Non-surgical fat reduction in problem areas is now possible with CoolSculpting, controlled cooling technology that targets and destroys the layers of fat cells in the body is available at the Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery.

CoolSculpting is pain-free, non-invasive and effective. Using a cool pad and specialised applicator the skilled technicians at Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery deliver cooling to the fat cells in the targeted area. Cryolipolysis is the process of chilling the fat cells which then stimulates the natural removal of these cells. The fat cells are metabolised and painlessly passed out in your urine. The precision delivery of the cooling to the fat cells ensures that only the fat cells are affected with no surrounding cells or tissue damaged or affected in the process. The technology enables precise, controlled delivery of the cooling that affects only fat cells on your body, ensuring that no surrounding tissue or cells are affected or damaged.

Completely customisable to target your problem areas, CoolSculpting can aid in that final step of body transformation.

Are you an ideal candidate for CoolSculpting?

The ideal candidate for CoolSculpting is anyone who is fit and healthy and is looking to minimise their fat levels, in common, problematic areas where fat loves to stick around and be difficult to shift in spite of your diet and exercise regime. As we age, gravity and genetics make shifting stubborn fat even harder to do. Love handles (flanks), your back, abdominal fat and even arms and legs can be targeted with this technology. If you have lost significant weight resulting in some looser skin, you can combine CoolSculpting with skin firming technology such as Thermage.

CoolSculpting is not suitable for everybody – ensure that at your first consultation you advise the team at Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery of any pre-existing medical conditions.

Treatment time

Depending on the number of areas you are treating to the CoolSculpting experience, your treatment time can vary from one to several hours. During your initial consultation with the Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery clinician, when you will discuss your treatment area, you will be provided with an estimate of treatment hours required. Some patients prefer to break the treatment up into 2-hour blocks across several sessions. This approach is fine and has no negative impact on the overall result.

It sounds pain-free.

This gentle, non-invasive procedure requires no anaesthesia or pain medication. Patients are encouraged to watch a movie, listen to music, take a nap or read a book during the treatment and most patients experience no pain and only some minimal discomfort.

No downtime!

You can return to your activities of daily living straight after the procedure, making CoolSculpting a very convenient fat reduction technique. You could return straight back to work or even head to the gym.

After treatment?

You can expect some mild redness from the treatment that can last two days to two weeks. Some bruising may also be evident. The sensations of tingling, itching and soreness are also possible along with a temporary dulling sensation in the targeted area that may last for up to 8 weeks.


Full results can take from 2 – 4 months. Even two to four months after treatment the fat cells are still condensing, reducing the fat layer. A reduced fat layer equals visual results. The effects of the treatment are permanent. Fat cells do not reproduce or expand in size. Once CoolSculpting eliminates fat cells from your body, they will not reappear if healthy exercise and lifestyle are maintained. It is a safe and effective method of fat cell reduction. It is important to remember that CoolSculpting is not a weight loss technique.

The mental results are also significant; with most patients so pleased with their CoolSculpting results that they work hard to maintain their healthy new shape.

It is possible to regain fat but it is more likely to be evenly spread across the entire body rather than the areas the CoolSculpting targeted.

When can I have my next round of CoolSculpting in the same area?

If you would like, you can wait up to four months. Some patients come in again around the 4 – 6 week mark for retreatment as they feel it results in a stronger cumulative result.

Patients can wait the full four months before having another session. However, we find those who revisit at the 4-6 week mark are happier because they can see a stronger, cumulative result of the sessions.

CoolSculpting can help you achieve your ultimate body goals as you shift stubborn deposits of fat cells that have evaded exercise and healthy eating. Take the first step to contouring the body you have wanted and have earned.

For more information on CoolSculpting and to arrange a consultation visit the Melbourne Institute of Plastic Surgery at Malvern, complete a contact form or call us on (03) 9508 9508.