It’s important to feel feminine and beautiful. Our procedures aim to provide the breast size and shape that allows you to be your most confident self and live without restrictions that may have been negatively impacting your self-esteem and body image. Whether you are choosing a breast reduction, breast implants, a breast lift or reconstruction, we understand your personal needs as a woman and offer safe, reliable procedures to create or restore the shape you desire. We will always provide as much information as possible so that you feel comfortable and informed about your decision.

Our services in Melbourne include:

  • Breast Augmentation – a procedure which involves placing an implant behind the breast tissue, or under the muscle on the chest wall.
  • Breast Reduction – a procedure which aims to reduce breast size and create a more ideal breast shape.
  • Breast Reconstruction – a procedure which aims to restore or replace the natural breast shape after removal of the breast (mastectomy) or from trauma.
  • Breast Lift – a procedure which aims to improve the shape of the breast without altering the size.
  • Vectra 3D Imaging – offers 3D imaging of every angle so each client can see the size, shape and positioning of the breasts based on every modification and additional procedure they’re considering at the time of consultation.
  • YourBreast Package – Breast augmentaitons starting at $6,950. Includes plastic surgeon fees, round implants, specialist anesthetist fees, hospital and post-operative care costs.